The goal of ReadingClean is to promote clean, wholesome YA books to teens and young adults.

ReadingClean is a Place For . . .

  1. Teens and young adults who would like to be introduced to new books that do not contain profanity, graphic scenes, or promote teen alcoholism, drug abuse, etc. (Click here for a more detailed explanation as to what makes a book “clean”).
  2. Authors who are in search for a group of teens willing to purchase their book, read it, write an honest review, and help promote it.
  3. Potential readers, or parents of teens, who are searching for wholesome YA books. The book reviews we post will include a combination of all of the book club’s members–the average rating, the pros, the cons, and final thoughts. That way, you can have a broad perspective in choosing a book.

ReadingClean’s blog will contain posts of past book reviews, giveaways, as well as guest posts that are written by the members of our book club.

About the Book Club: How it Works

  • ReadingClean’s book club takes place on this website and is completely free to join.
  • You may join at any time.
  • A new book will be added every two months.
  • All of the members will participate in a giveaway for the selected book.
  • When you sign up, you may choose to start reading the current book and catch up, or wait until the next session begins.
  • Members are required to write a review for at least 3 books out of the 6 in a year. This means that you may skip a session if you are not interested in reading the book for that session. This also means that–if you read a book and don’t write the review for it, the book will not be counted as read. (The review will not be long. It is only required that you write at least 3 sentences–what you enjoyed about the book, what you didn’t enjoy as much, as well as your overall thoughts.)
  • Every two weeks, the book club will “meet” on the member’s only private blog. The final week of the session they will answer and discuss the questions that the author will provide.
  • There is a ReadingClean Point System that you will learn more about once you sign up. This system will allow you to gain points by reading the books, promoting ReadingClean, promoting the book, etc. Once you reach a certain amount of points, you will then have the opportunity to win prizes.
  • Every month, there will be a Member of the Month. This will be the member that is sponsored on our homepage for their active participation in the group.
  • Members will have the opportunity to apply to be the Book Club Director of the Month–or BCDM. This person will be responsible for leading all four of the weekly blog conversations for that month, including the discussion questions. They will also be in charge of keeping track of who is participating for that month.


Are the members of the book club required to read a certain amount of the book per two weeks?

They are not required, however it is recommended. The BCDM (mentioned above) will be in charge of letting everyone know how many chapters they should read in two weeks. If you don’t read the recommended amount, then you may not want to participate in the bi-weekly book club discussion since it may contain spoilers. However, you will still have the opportunity to be involved in the end-of-the-month discussion, which is when the group will answer the book’s discussion questions.

Are the books free?

Each member is responsible for purchasing their own copy of the session’s selected book. Since you are only required to read 3 out of the 6 books per year, you may skip a month if you wish. Keep in mind that you will be able to purchase these books on your Kindle, and most Kindle books can range anywhere between $.99 – $4.99.

Each author will also give away two copies of their book: one that will go to the member of the book club, and another that will be posted on the public blog. If you win the members’, then you will not have to purchase a copy for the following month.

Can I check the books out at my library?

ReadingClean is not only a book club, but a promotional tool for authors. With that being said–since a sudden increase of sales on an author’s book may increase its exposure, we prefer that each member of the book club purchases a copy for themselves rather than borrowing it. Keep in mind that you are only required to read 3 books per year. You will be able to purchase these books on your Kindle, and most Kindle books can range anywhere between $.99 – $4.99.

Do I have to read the book if it doesn’t look interesting?

You don’t have to. Again, you have 3 books out of the 6 books in a year that you do not have to read and write a review on. However, it is recommended that you read the book, despite the fact that it may not look interesting to you. One of the goals of this group is to have readers read books that they might not have read otherwise. Plus, who knows, you may end up enjoying it!

Will the members decide which book they want to read?

Unless otherwise stated, we will only select a book that has been requested by the author. However, feel free to refer an author to request their book if you’d like.

What if a member has already read the selected book?

I will try my best to select a book that the majority has not yet read. Since we hope to help debut authors promote their books, most of the books we select might have been recently released. But if a member has already read the book, they can still be involved in the weekly discussions and write a review. They will still receive credit for that book if they post a review. (Or if they already have posted one, that’s even better!)

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3 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. This sounds like a great program! I’d love to join. I’m just wondering for more information about this part though: “Every two weeks, the book club will “meet” on the member’s only private blog. The final week of the session they will answer and discuss the questions that the author will provide.”

    Does everyone have to meet at the same time?

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