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How to Write a Great Book Review by Julia N

Picture this: An author clicks on “Amazon” and searches for her book. When she finds it, there’s a new review! She scrolls down to read it.
“luv dis book, but it ws two long 4 me. wish th paragriphs were shorter.”

…Please tell me you’ve never written a review like that.

When I first started writing reviews, they were short. Too short, in fact (but at least they were grammatically correct). I’ve been making them longer now, however, and more helpful. I’m going to try to use the following more often, and I encourage you to do so as well:

1. Are the characters relatable? If not, are they at least fun to read about? Do you care for them?

2. Does the plot keep you hooked, or is it confusing and easy to put down?

3. Make note of what stands out. Did a character profess his love in an amazing, heart wrenching way? Did someone do something so stupid, you can hardly keep from stabbing the book?

4. Be positive. Don’t book-bash, no matter how much you might hate the book. Whether you liked it or not, explain why.

And there you have it! Any suggestions? Comments are welcome. 🙂

~Posted by ReadingClean member, Julia N. Visit her blog at



  • We have decided to lower the amount of books readers must read in a year for ReadingClean. Instead of reading one book per month, the members will now read one book per two months. This means that if you sign up for ReadingClean, it is required that you only read 3 books in a year.
  • We’re in the process of setting up a Yahoo! Groups account. Once we’re familiar with the site, we may end up having the book discussions there. This would mean that the members will not have to meet bi-weekly on the private blog; rather, they would join conversations on the Yahoo! Group site based on how many chapters they have read. In other words, the members will not have to read a certain amount of chapters per two weeks. (We’re still deciding if this would be the right way to go for ReadingClean.)

Confused? Email me, or check out the About page. =)

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Looking For Clean Books for Teens?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

ReadingClean book club will launch March 1st, 2014. Meanwhile, go ahead and join! 

The goal of ReadingClean is to promote clean, wholesome YA books to teens and young adults.

ReadingClean is a Place For . . .

  1. Teens and young adults who would like to be introduced to new books that do not contain profanity, graphic scenes, or promote teen alcoholism, drug abuse, etc. (Click here for a more detailed explanation as to what makes a book “clean”).
  2. Authors who are in search for a group of teens willing to purchase their book, read it, write an honest review, and help promote it.
  3. Potential readers, or parents of teens, who are searching for wholesome YA books. The book reviews we post will include a combination of all of the book club’s members–the average rating, the pros, the cons, and final thoughts. That way, you will have a broad perspective in choosing a book.

ReadingClean’s blog will contain posts of past book reviews, giveaways, as well as guest posts that are written by the members of our book club.

For more information, check out the about page.