Rather than randomly choosing a clean YA book, ReadingClean selects books for our book club from the authors who contact us. We know how difficult it is to establish a readership, especially as a debut novelist. Our goal is to make it easier for an author to find their perfect audience, and for teens to find their next favorite author.


Before you contact us, please make sure that your book follows the following guidelines:

  • It is a YA or New Adult fiction clean novel.
  • It should contain good morals yet be entertaining enough to capture the attention of teenagers. Be sure to read the requirements here.
  • Any YA genre is accepted: Christian, dystopian, romance, fantasy, contemporary, etc.
  • Your book must not exceed 100,000 words. This is because the members of the book club only have eight weeks to read this book and write a review on it–if it’s too long, they may not finish it in time.
  • Both self-published and traditionally published novels will be allowed.
  • You will need to provide 5 – 15 discussion questions for the book club. Keep this in mind when you fill out the request form.
  • If your book is accepted, you will also need to provide 2 copies of a print or Kindle version of your book. One will be given away on the public blog, and the other will be given away to one of the book club members.

Click here for the request form. 


What happens once my book is selected?

  • The majority of our book club’s members will purchase a copy. (A sudden increase of sales on Amazon may increase your ranking and exposure.)
  • You will receive new reviews of your book on Amazon. (A sudden increase of reviews on Amazon may also increase your ranking and exposure.)
  • The members will try to promote your book on their social media in efforts to gain more points in our ReadingClean Point System.
  • We will post a combination of the reviews on ReadingClean’s public blog for potential readers.
  • Since every member promotes the website (and possibly the books) on their blog, your book might receive more attention from outside sources.

Can I enter my book even if it’s self-published?

Absolutely. Our goal is to help all authors, not just those who are traditionally published.

Is the author required to participate in the book club?

No. The only thing two things we ask of the author are:

  •  That you provide 2 print or ecopies of your book for a giveaway. One will be given away to a reader of the public blog, and the other will be given away to one of the members.
  • That you provide 5 – 15 questions as the discussion for our final monthly session.

How much will it cost?

For a limited time only, it will be completely free to submit your book. =)

How do I submit my book?

Click here.


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